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!NEW! Make any untangled macrame llc design into gauges! -- Read description

!NEW! Make any untangled macrame llc design into gauges! -- Read description

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I want to be able to provide for everyone and I know that it’s hard to find earrings for gauged ears. This option is an ADD ON to any original Untangled Macrame LLC earring design. If you purchase this option, just add the pair of earrings you want to your cart, with your size gauges, and I will make them! I have to purchase the gauges separately and I found some great quality options on Etsy. After a lot of research, the shop name that I've decided to purchase from is ErosPlugsBoutique. I'm not profiting from this option, so if you purchase more than one pair of earrings needing plugs, please purchase the correct number of gauges! ErosPlugsBoutique is also a small business so I'm glad I can support them!! They have 5 stars across the board and high quality products. I've always prided myself on having a large variety of designs available. Clip-ons, gauges, hooks, ball posts, studs, plastic studs, hypoallergenic, nickel and led-free...the list goes on and on! These are available in silver, gold, black, rose gold and in sizes 3mm(8GA) - 30mm(1.18")

Care Instructions

My polymer clay earrings are fade resistant and should last for a long time with proper care.

Care instructions:

Remove your earrings when showering or going into the pool/water

Avoid dropping your earrings as the small parts may break when not in use, store your polymer clay earrings in a container to avoid scratches and/or dust.

For macrame earrings, follow the same instructions as polymer clay. If needed, gently comb through macrame fringe for a more uniform look. Spray a small amount of hair spray on the fringe for longer wear.

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