Virginia Averill

Virginia Averill

“Satan dines on whatever we withhold from the Lord.” -Francis Frangipane

Allow God to perform His miracles every day and welcome them with open arms. I know my grandma always did, so He granted her one last wish before passing on.

Today, 1/31/2024, we celebrate the life that was Ginny Averill. My grandmother, god mother and lifelong friend. Hearing the story of how my grandma passed is just proof that God is a loving God, and he is very much real!!! My grandma was active in her church throughout her life and she was a huge influence on everyone she knew and loved. Her family was everything to her! We could trust her, confide in her and be exactly who we were around her. Anytime my siblings and I would fight, she would immediately burst out into song… “let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me!!!!” We would groan and say “but GRANDMA” and of course, try to explain why we were fighting, but she truly did believe in peace. We would all giggle and laugh together after she sang, because she was so goofy about it. It’s one of my favorite things about her and I sing that song to my babies now!

She had been growing ill for a while now, but even while she was weak and tired she never stopped showing up for her family. When it was time for her to go, she waited for all of her kids to arrive and be with her. All 7 of her children were standing by when she left this world. And thank God they were, she was so close with them, having personal and very intimate relationships with each one. I know she wouldn’t have had it any other way. They opened a window for her and my mom described it as “so beautiful…her soul just leaped from her body and flew out the window!” ❤️ I know that God is real and very much in control, because if he wasn’t…they wouldn’t have been there. She was a lifelong servant of the Lord, and he granted her one last wish before laying her down to rest. 

Thankfully, God allows our legacies to live on through our loved ones. I’ll always strive to be as forgiving and “fancy” as her. I have no doubts that my love for accessorizing all of my outfits and decorating my home with attention to detail come from her. She was very silly, followed by so much respect. Her home was always open to her family and I hope I can always say the same about mine. Thank you, grandma for being such a huge part of my life for so long. I know it’s a luxury taken for granted a lot of times… and I’ll never forget how much you did for us. We love you endlessly. 

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Makenzie, my Dear neice; This is SO TRUE with mom (grandma)

Michelle Robinson

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